Scheduling & Content Management

Business Requirement

Create digital marketing wall space in the bank. Content must be engaging, relevant and different while educating, informing, and highlighting the client’s unique solutions.

Our Response

TQ Group’s multifaceted approach to content delivery was ideal for this project. It required us to create and produce content for a unique screen set up, tapping into our state-of-the-art on-air scheduling capabilities to create multiple localised and curated playlists, aligned to the brand and each aimed at a different target audience.

The result in this specific branch? An 8-screen video wall with dynamically scheduled content – uncluttered and relevant to customers in a specific branch. We optimised engagement by scheduling content that moved from screen to screen – taking the customer on a journey. The magnitude of the multi-screen format is eye-catching and attractive, elevating the space and the viewing experience, while measuring eyes on screens which is then used to report back to the client.

For smaller branches with limited space, the development of scaled-down 4-screen and 2-screen versions, operating on the same principles as the big 8-screen but providing just a little bit less additional wall space.