Communications for Change


Are you seeking a TechCommunications partner who understands social and behavioural change communications? 

TQ’s Solution

TQ’s dedicated business unit crafting TechCommunications solutions for clients who are doing the work of change.

Informed by data and inspired by storytelling, we craft innovative communications solutions that drive positive change in society. Our full-service communications solutions bring a combination of storytelling, technology and data analytics to our clients working across the social development spectrum, from public health to environment and everything in between. 

Our interdisciplinary team have a deep understanding of cultural nuance, languages and the psychological elements of social and behavioural change. 

Leveraging off more than 16 years of experience in providing innovative tech communications solutions for some of the continent’s leading financial, retail and parastatal organisations, TQ’s data-driven approach harnesses the cutting-edge art and science of human communications. We use project management reporting principles to provide our clients with measurable, valuable and insightful analytics reporting.

Our human-centric communications solutions include behaviour change campaigns, edutainment, broadcast strategies, radio drama, mobile communications and digital storytelling.

What We Manage

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