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Frequently Asked Questions

We design custom communications strategies and services for digital corporate communication channels. We handle the production and management of your content, as well as on-air scheduling and network management. We also offer Viewer Analytics and digital marketing services. We create and deliver content across all digital platforms to corporate end-users and measure the results against your key business drivers.

All our solution offerings are modular and scalable. However, our full solutions packages remain popular for a number of reasons – we offer a thorough communications plan, beginning with Best Practice Research, a Competitor Analysis and a Business Needs Analysis, before honing in on an appropriate plan for media, content and scheduling. We measure the plan’s success with our tried and tested analytics tools, including Viewer Analytics and then adjust and optimise accordingly. We can also be contracted to handle each of these aspects in isolation. 

In other words, we can offer a full-service solution, or simply assist with specific areas of communication within your organisation. It’s up to you.  Whether you need a fully serviced large-scale installation or just a single logo, graphic, video or campaign, we’ve got you covered.

Yes, we work closely with our clients to fully understand their vision, strategy, and then work towards their specific objectives.

Cutting-edge analytics and measurement are used not only to hone messages and optimise campaigns, but to track and measure results against specific predetermined outcomes.

We offer speedy turnaround times, and work within your budget, giving you a clear picture of what your  budget’s being used for, and how this equates to ROI.

Yes. Full-service Level Agreements, which will outline your unique objectives and the specifications for delivery, form part of our agreement with you.

See our Contact Us page.

Each client has unique needs, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Getting in touch with us will get the ball rolling and allow us to start understanding your particular objectives, the challenges you face, and how best to overcome these with a solid communications and marketing plan.

Our work is solutions-driven and will be costed and quoted according to your unique needs, outcomes and specifications.

We handle the full spectrum of technologies involved in designing, building and implementing communications and marketing networks. This includes devices such as digital screens where content is displayed, as well as software to manage the remote deployment of your content. We also employ our very own Viewer Analytics software tools to measure the impact of the solution.

Our service ethos. Rather than simply deploying a blanket solution, we work closely with you and make sure we fully understand your unique situation, business needs and challenges before suggesting a tailor-made solution. As business partners, we collaborate closely with you at every stage, allowing you to maintain full control over every part of the process. 

Our cutting-edge use of Viewer Analytics and how we apply this to the strategy also sets us apart. We don’t only measure whether you’ve reached your target, we analyse your data deeply to give us tactical and strategic insight to formulate targeted communications strategies.

This is brief dependent.  Our standard payment terms are: 50 % up front with the balance payable 14 days after delivery of the final product. 

Depending on the brief, network installations can be available on a rental model.

We are willing to negotiate specific payment terms attached to various outcomes and timeline stages for each project we take on.

Turnaround time depends on the brief, and desired content-format (animation, motion graphic, video etc).  Once we’ve received the brief, we’ll propose a timeline that will be agreed upon by both parties. We pride ourselves on a unique tried-and-trusted methodology that ensures swift delivery and turnaround times, without compromising on the impeccable quality and professionalism that are the hallmarks of our work.

No, we are also represented in East London, Durban and Cape Town.  However, the majority of work is done digitally from Gauteng.

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