Network Management for Corporate Communication Screens and Digital Devices, Platform & Technical Delivery


You would like to set up a network of in-store screens to communicate to a dispersed audience, fully utilise the potential of your shelf-space, distribute messages and campaigns quickly, digitally, minimise paper-clutter, and hone in on a captive audience?


Do you have an existing screen network, but you are unable to prove the value and effectiveness of your network and content?

TQ’s Solution

From conception and strategy to implementation and completion, TQ handles both the technical and creative aspects of building a new network of media screens.  Leave it to us to design a cost-effective solution that caters to your individual brand’s unique requirements and measures the impact of your investment, giving your business the boost it needs to succeed. 


TQ is able to measure the effectiveness of your existing screen network with our first to market technology.  The technology provides us with insights on your customers and how they interact with the content on your screens.

We will craft a content strategy for you based on best practice and use this as a blueprint to create content aligned to the strategy.

What We Manage

36 Channels | TQ Group
2589 Screens | TQ Group
523 Sites | TQ Group