On-Air Scheduling & Content Management


The need to communicate with staff and customers in a coordinated fashion across various devices and locations is a challenge for many big organisations and government departments. 

TQ’s Solution

TQ’s tailor-made content scheduling solution enables you to reach your staff and customers instantly, or at a time scheduled by you, across all locations and devices. Through our TQ-crafted software-based solution, our clients are able to reach their staff and customers instantly, in real time, or according to a pre-determined scheduling of their choosing.

We provide our clients with detailed monthly reports including clip play count, content availability and financial overviews.  

TQ will manage your media efficiently through our bespoke duplication-proof video archival systems developed specifically to ensure a return on your content investment and we ensure artist, music and visual rights are adhered to, thereby managing our clients’ risk.

What We Manage

36 Channels | TQ Group
2589 Screens | TQ Group
523 Sites | TQ Group