This move positions TQ Group at the forefront of progressive corporate South Africa and sees the group join only a handful of fully female-led companies in the country.

In a country with a 1:1 ratio of men to women, and a historic legacy of male-dominated leadership structures, it is encouraging to see that women now comprise 45% of the workforce. However, the upper echelons of management and leadership structures lag, with only 20% of directors of JSE-listed companies being women[i]. Globally only 12% of board seats are held by women, and only 4% of boards are chaired by women[ii].

The four women who comprise TQ Group’s newly forged board of directors are:

Elbé Smith, CEO of TQ Group holds a unique combination of experience in both the business, broadcasting and multimedia content creation, a skill set which sets her apart and renders her an optimal leader for Group. With a wealth of knowledge in media Smith is able to spearhead the most sophisticated of the tech-driven strategic marketing campaigns, content creation and digital on-air scheduling that have been a hallmark of TQ Group’s work over the years.

Smith is now joined on the board by Legacy Africa’s visionary financial officer, operations manager and erstwhile academic leader Mandlakazi Gcasamba, who brings a plethora of strategic planning and leadership skills, as well as in-depth knowledge of the corporate world. Her altruistic socially conscious business acumen makes her an ideal match for the TQ Group with whom she shares the ethos of social reform.

Tshepang Marishane is a private equity analyst and chartered accountant with a rigourous portfolio of work experience, and a penchant for accountable transparent leadership. She brings to the board international experience within a diverse array of sectors and industries and has been lauded for her consistent emphasis on transformation and social responsibility.

Brenda De Jager is a highly motivated management professional who has served admirably as a leader at TQ Group and has been part of the company since its inception. She has proved her mettle over the years and was the project leader of the company’s first to market product offering of Audience Analytics. Brenda boasts a wealth of experience in various senior management roles.

“Our newly formed all-female board brings South Africa one step closer to a more equitable future for corporate SA. We are confident that the addition of our two new Directors from Legacy Africa Capital Partners, whose impeccable credentials and consummate grasp of TQ’s business will greatly enhance our leadership capacity, and carry the group from strength to strength”, remarked Smith.

Gcasamba adds: “As newly appointed Chairperson of TQ Group, I am very excited to be a part of this vibrant forerunner of the communications industry, whose ethos and values align so closely with our own”.

This important partnership promises to entrench TQ Group’s position as leaders in the field innovative, digital communication platforms and creating target-based content that maximises ROI for their clients.