Digital Marketing Campaigns | PNA’s Back-to-School Campaign

Client Brief

Create a campaign to feature a wide array of products to drive the annual sale, without existing product shots in a cost-effective manner. Showcase individual items, in an engaging and attractive fashion. Create content that is rolled out across platforms to communicate the back-to-school specials.

Our Response

The big idea was to reach the parents, parental figures and teachers who mold the minds of the youth. To create a hype and spread the joy of having stationery, educational books and arts and craft supplies under one roof, we created a vibrant celebration – as it was called a Sale-bration. From the copy to the visuals and radio adverts, it all had to inspire the consumer. Our social roll-out was initiated by a bilingual TVC and multilingual radio adverts. The heroes were the sale items. For the TVC, a small pack-shot studio provided the canvas against which products were filmed. Hundreds of frames were styled and edited to create a great sense of energy and movement, with little to no actual animation applied. The end result – a fun, engaging video with numerous products showcased in a fresh way to promote the annual sale. The social media campaign saw impressions of over XYZ, with more than 100% growth of the PNA online community.