Viewer Analytics & Measurement


Whether you have a new or existing screen network, you require a highly sophisticated system for tracking and analysing customer activity and engagement? You need to maximise the value and ROI of your digital screens network, by deploying optimal content that speaks to end-users.

You want to know which content is most effective, and apply the powerful insights gathered through data pattern analysis towards more effective strategic decision-making, and make the most of your digital network assets? 

You want to target content that is relevant to the person in front of the screen?

TQ’s Solution

As innovators of  innovative new methods for using data intelligently to know your customer, hone your messaging and optimise your communications, TQ is ideally poised to provide viewer analytics. 

Our analytics tracks the age and gender of audiences viewing in-store screens and length of interaction with the screens.  TQ’s software takes this a step further by capturing details on the specific piece of content watched, providing valuable data that is used to inform your content strategy. The tool also allows you to trigger content tailored to the end-user’s profile.

What We Manage

36 Channels | TQ Group
2589 Screens | TQ Group
523 Sites | TQ Group